A Genweb2 Career

We hire team members with the goal of helping every individual accelerate their career progression. Each Genweb2 business professional and software developer will have opportunities to have personal impact on the outcome of client projects and, through that, influence on the growth of Genweb2. There is no limit to how much you can learn at Genweb2, especially since our managers make it a priority to mentor and guide your growth.

Teamwork is also a core component of working at Genweb2. Already in your interviews you will have a chance to meet some of your potential peers and to gauge if you fit into the team culture prevalent across the company. Every Genweb2 employee understands that together we can produce exponentially more powerful solutions than if we worked in isolation.

Career Progression
Most of Genweb2 employees either work in the Technical Development Organisation (TDO) or in the Business Organisation (BO) with the TDO making up over 80% of the entire company. Whereas BO professionals take on more tailored roles, the TDO follows a formal career progression hierarchy. Advancement through this hierarchy is based purely on merit, delivered results and proven capabilities. Each team member has a set career plan with Genweb2 on how they can progress through the hierarchy and how they can achieve their career aspirations.

The Technical Development Organisation (TDO) career progression hierarchy follows this general structure:

  • Junior Software Engineer (Level 1)
  • Software Engineer (Level 2)
  • Senior Software Engineer (Level 3)
  • Principal Software Engineer (Level 4)

Developers wishing to embark on a project management career track can after Senior Software Engineer move into the following structure:

  • Technical Lead / Team Lead (Level 4)
  • Senior Technical Lead / Senior Team Lead (Level 5)
  • Project Manager / Software Architect (Level 6)
  • Senior Project Manager / Senior Software Architect (Level 7)