About Us

Genweb2 provides offshore software development services focusing on Product Development, Mobile and Cloud.

Organizations of all sizes are increasingly leveraging global talent pools to design, develop, and maintain their technology solutions. Offshore software development is no longer a new concept — it clearly provides compelling competitive advantages in terms of (1) access to skills and (2) cost.

Key success factors for the offshoring model include productivity, work quality, and communication. Genweb2 has focused obsessively on these success factors since its start in 2009.

Genweb2 was founded by former executives of companies such as Microsoft, GE, and IBM who understand the needs of global clients. The company has adopted the following core strategies to drive client success:

  • Highly competent project managers and architects who have experience working for global technology companies are the client interface. This minimizes issues related to communication and project management.
  • Narrow focus on core services allows for development of deep competency.
  • Genweb2 maintains an optimal scale so that we never sacrifice quality for the sake of fast uncontrolled growth.
  • Leverage multiple geographic locations (Singapore, India, Bangladesh and Croatia) to build skill capacity for optimizing cost as well as competency.
  • Invest in communication and collaboration tools to bring together globally distributed teams.
  • Ethics and transparency are core values. Transparency allows us to build true partnerships with our clients and is a key factor in allowing us to deliver results.