Clean Tech

How can innovators minimize risk when sustainable energy infrastructure is still rapidly evolving?

How can companies use technology to optimize energy consumption at their offices?

Clean Tech is bringing together startups, industry, and government to realize a vision for energy sustainability. During this time of great opportunity, though, companies face challenging technological decisions since tomorrow’s clean tech infrastructure has not yet fully formed.

Genweb2's focus on emerging technologies naturally draws us to work alongside clean tech innovators.

With our roots in Silicon Valley, we have worked closely with clean tech startups and corporations to deliver scalable solutions for this growing and evolving industry. We have delivered consumer-facing and enterprise products in this space, combining cloud, mobile, and web technologies.

Focus Areas

  • Product Development Services: end-to-end and augmenting core teams for client
  • Mobile based analytics solutions
  • Embedded Software for clean tech industry
  • Location based mobile solutions for end consumers

Global Team

Our global team consists of domain consultants as well as technologists. We take business requirements and translate them into modular, fully implemented solutions with long-term value. We also rely on our strong network of external consultants, who are available to support on a project-by-project basis.