Cloud-based Fuel Cell Tracking and Reporting System

The Opportunity
ClearEdge Power is a startup company in the area of green energy generation. ClearEdge Power had the need for a robust, scalable and distributed solution for the data collection, data mining, and data presentation for their fuel cell units. Genweb2 was chosen as the vendor to implement this system on a turnkey basis.

Genweb2 Solution Summary
Our system analysts worked closely with the ClearEdge engineering team to define the behavior of the system. Once the system definition was completed, our solutions architects came up with a simple, dynamic, and extensible solution using ubiquitous web and database technologies.

Data Warehouse
A high volume transactional database server is used to store large amount of operational parameters from fuel cell units that are deployed to the client premises. The system is able to track the operational history of any unit in the field by individual parameters and/or overall status over a long operational duration. The system generates automatic notifications to field service engineers when the operational state of any unit goes outside preset limits.

Web Interface
This is an online portal for the presentation and viewing of the data that is accumulated in the data warehouse. The user has the ability to dynamically view the gathered data based on numerous criteria.

iPhone Application
An essential mobile tool for ClearEdge Power’s sales and service personnel to view real-time and historical information on installed fuel cells. The application allows sales personnel to demonstrate the current power generation capability of the entire fleet of fuel cells and various cost savings and environmental benefits on their iPhone. Service personnel are also alerted to any alarms and notifications instantly while on the move.

The Results
The developed system has been a great tool for ClearEdge Power’s field service engineers as well as their sales & marketing team. The field service engineers are able to browse the operational history of any unit from anywhere making their service delivery more efficient and accurate. They are also aware of any problems immediately through the notification system. ClearEdge Power marketing team has also benefited enormously from this solution as they were able to show the performance of live units to potential customers on the web and on their iPhone.