How We Hire

We are looking for talented individuals to join the Genweb2 Team. Things move quickly everyday and therefore we need our team members to be nimble, agile and ambitious. With each role you can expect a high degree of responsibility, which is coupled with flexibility. First and foremost we are focused on delivering results for our clients in the form of powerful technical solutions.

How we interview
Through the multi-round interview process at Genweb2, you will get the chance to meet with our recruiters, people who you would be working with and company management. The process is designed to focus on the following four areas:

  • Role-related Knowledge: How passionate are you in your area of specialisation? How have you developed and how are you expected to develop in that area? Can we accelerate your learning to help you progress in your career faster than otherwise expected?
  • How You Think: What makes you tick and get up in the morning? How do you go about solving problems? Are you detail oriented and meticulous about only delivering high quality?
  • Culture Fit: How well do you fit in with our team culture? Do you agree with our Core Values and can we sense some of them are personal values of yours?
  • Long-term Potential: Are you interested in working with us for several years and making a long-term difference? Will you strive to become an integral part of the Genweb2 Team from day 1?

Ready to apply? See our current job openings here.