Mobile Wallet Application

The Opportunity
Trust Bank Limited is a leading commercial bank in Bangladesh. Trust Bank was in need of a solution to reach the unbanked population to increase customer base and revenue.

Genweb2 Solution Summary
Genweb2 domain experts worked with Trust Bank officials and telecommunication and banking regulators to define the scope of the solution. The team designed a ready-to-deploy multi-bank, multi-channel (mobile/Internet) electronic payment and banking platform encompassing all aspects of mobile banking and mobile commerce. The design goal was to make the system secure, extensible, flexible, robust, and easy to deploy & maintain. Using Service-Oriented-Architecture (SOA), Genweb2 architects designed a scalable system that can be accessed through various delivery channels such as mobile, web, POS, and ATMs. Data encryption and strong security measures has been incorporated in order to protect the data from any malicious alterations.

Major features of the system include:
  • Information and transactional services for banking
  • Payment services (B2B, B2C, C2C)
  • Pre-paid services (top-ups)
  • Other custom designed marketing/promotion campaigns (e.g. loyalty programs)

The Results
This solution allowed the client to provide enhanced services and increase its reach throughout the country.