Product Engineering

We help you reduce product development cycles and increase capital efficiency.

The new normal for technology companies building products for competitive marketplaces includes rapid innovation, getting to market faster, and doing more with less.

You can leverage our highly skilled resources to accelerate your product development at a competetive cost structure — which will help you innovate rapidly, get to market faster, and get more done with less.

Building amazing products requires not only leading-edge technology skills but also an understanding of end markets.

Many of our product managers are ex-Silicon Valley professionals with deep appreciations of product innovation and the need for agility. We understand the DNA of start-ups and high growth companies, where discipline must be combined with an unstoppable drive to evolve your products.

Our teams are passionate about the work they do, and that becomes the key to the notion of “shared responsibility."

Communication is challenging enough when your team members are sitting next to you, and it can be even more challenging when your remote engineering team is sitting in a different time zone. We deal with this issue up front by leveraging real-time collaboration tools, in-person workshops at the client's location among key team members, and agile methodologies.

Transparency is key to driving productivity in the long run, and we ensure that issues are communicated early. We spend the time it takes to sensitize our team members on global project management practices and communication styles. We view communication as a key element of success, and we invest in improving this skill at all layers of Genweb2.

What we do

  • System architecture design

  • Software development

  • QA & testing

  • Language localization

  • Project management