How can you optimize your supply chain continuously as your brand presence grows globally?

What best practicies are relevant for you when building a long-term loyalty program?

Which retail IT solutions can you integrate to optimize efficiency throughout your overall systems and processes?

Today’s retailers have to aggressively — and continuously — rethink business models due to ever-increasing choice and competition. Indeed, the growth of eCommerce has forced many retailers to reconsider long-term strategy and prepare for a future where bricks & mortar stores would serve as a complement to the online shopping channels.

Genweb2 professionals have worked in this rapidly evolving and diverse industry and have been through these thought processes before. We have a strong appreciation for brand equity, and we believe that technology can serve as a way to bring people closer to the brands they love.

Our Focus Areas

  • Cloud-based retail systems
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems for retail
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems
  • eCommerce

Our Global Team

Our global team consists of domain consultants as well as technologists, together who can take business requirements and translate them into a modular, fully implemented solution with long-term value. We also rely on our strong network of external consultants, whom we introduce to support on relevant projects.

We always strive to be an integrated part of your in-house team, who you can view as a long-term business partner.