The Genweb2 Difference

Offshore software development is no longer a new concept and is recognized to provide a compelling competitive advantage both in terms of cost and access to skills. However the advantages of this model are challenged when issues related to productivity, quality and communication take away from the perceived gain.

At Genweb2, we have established some guiding strategies that help us mitigate against these challenges.


  • Our concentration on core services allows us to develop areas of deep competency.
  • We focus on high-growth medium-sized enterprises and startups that are looking to disrupt industries through innovation. We understand the need to be agile and cost-sensitive while making investments in technology to stay competitive.


  • We have a leadership team with a track record of delivering results as Fortune 500 executives as well as experience delivering results as entrepreneurs in startups. Our management understands the concept of “lifetime value of a client” and believes in transparency and commitment.
  • Highly competent project managers and architects as the client interface. Our team has experience working for global technology companies, and this minimizes potential issues related to communication and project management.


  • We work to stay ahead of the curve by investing in those emerging technologies that we believe will play a critical role in the technology landscape going forward.
  • We have an unparalleled focus on quality, which shows in our rigorous hiring standards, our ongoing investment in training and agile development practices, and most importantly, in our world-class project managers.
  • We are able to provide clients strong advantages by leveraging talent pools from unsaturated markets, which results in offshore teams that provide better cost advantages and higher retention of talent. Our delivery centers beyond India offer an India+1 option and give us access to a high-caliber talent pool in markets like Bangladesh and Croatia. This allows us to deliver higher value to clients.