Travel Booking and Management Portal

The Opportunity 
The client required a common tool for booking, managing and tracking travel plans of employees. They needed to manage contracts with suppliers and availability and bookings of the employees’ travel arrangements globally. Issues with data protection were of high importance. The system was also required to be scalable and extremely fault tolerant.

Genweb2 Solution Summary 
Genweb2 systems architects worked initially to plan the product with minimum requirements that could be launched for the use of the client’s employees. Knowing that a full-time team would be in place afterwards, the further development of the product could be continued in agile form.

Cloud-based Travel Portal 
Genweb2 developed a travel portal that could be accessed by the client’s employees on any device with an internet connection. This meant employees no longer had to download applications onto their desktop, but instead could access the travel portal from any computer with their security credentials. By using the scalability and security of Amazon AWS cloud services, Genweb2 architects addressed the issue of scalability and stability.

Dedicated Maintenance Team  
Genweb2 mapped out the requirements for on-going maintenance as well as continued development of the service. The team consists of 10 members and they work closely with the client's personnel to ensure their employees are getting all their needs met today and in the future while traveling.