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We Provide World Class Software Services

Product Engineering Services

We work with high growth companies to help you build software products end-to-end or augment your team as needed to accelerate innovation and make investment dollars go further.

Product Engineering Services

Genweb2 is committed to creating superior web and mobile applications. Websites, social networks, e-commerce sites, and more—our qualified team has done it all. When it comes to the success of your business, we place a premium on solutions that are both realistic and efficient.

We provide comprehensive web development services, from initial project planning and design to implementation of all necessary features and subsequent testing, problem fixing, and customer care. When it comes to mobility, our team knows it’s not enough to build a standalone app; we need to build a solution that works in tandem with your current suite of software. We’ll work with you to build a plan that accommodates both your company’s and its IT’s goals.

Our skilled front-end and back-end engineers will collaborate with our imaginative UI designers to create prototypes that outline your solution. Genweb2 is a trustworthy web and mobile app development business, ready to take on even your most ambitious projects thanks to their over ten years of industry experience.

AI & Machine Learning

Transform your business with the power of AI & ML. Genweb2’s deep learning, computer vision, and NLP services unlock valuable insights, drive automation, and accelerate growth for your organization

AI & Machine Learning

Genweb2 is committed to delivering the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to companies of all sizes. Our team has extensive experience developing AI and ML solutions for a variety of industries, including healthcare, finance, and others.

We specialize in the development of AI and ML models that can automate mundane tasks, extract valuable insights from data, and make predictions that influence business decisions. Our strategy is to comprehend your business requirements, develop a custom AI and ML solution that meets those requirements, and then assist you in implementing and integrating the solution with your existing systems.

Our AI and ML development procedure consists of the subsequent steps:

– Understanding your company’s requirements and goals
– Collecting, cleansing, and preparing data
– Model development and training Validation and testing of models
– Integration and implementation of your existing systems
– Support and maintenance ongoing
– We use cutting-edge technologies such as deep learning, natural language processing, and computer vision to create accurate, scalable, and trustworthy AI and ML solutions. Our team is committed to keeping abreast of the most recent advancements in AI and ML technology in order to provide our clients with the most innovative solutions possible.

Whether you want to automate routine duties, extract insights from data, or make predictions that drive business decisions, we have the expertise and experience to deliver AI and ML solutions that meet your specific requirements. Contact us immediately to learn more about how we can assist your business in harnessing the power of AI and ML.

Data and Analytics Services

Data is the currency of the Digital world. We provide services to cleanse, blend, catalog, visualize, and provide insights from your growing source of internal and external data. 

Data and Analytics Services

At Genweb2, we have a talented team of BI consultants who know their stuff when it comes to analyzing data and turning it into valuable business insights. Whether you’ve got a ton of data just waiting to be harnessed, or you’re not sure where to start with your BI strategy, we’ve got you covered.

Our certified developers are ready to help take your business to the next level. We use a Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model to help startups and mid-sized enterprises set up and develop their BI strategy. With technology-agnostic consulting and staff augmentation, we’re here to help you every step of the way.

Our Business Intelligence services cover six key practices: Business Performance Management, Analytics, Data Mining, Benchmarking, Predictive Analytics, and Process Mining. No matter what your BI needs are, we’ve got the expertise to help you succeed.

Cloud Computing

We help you modernize your cloud applications, migrate to cloud, or build brand new cloud applications.

Cloud Computing

Cloud technology is da bomb! It lets you use services on any device, anytime, anywhere. Plus, it’s way cheaper than traditional IT costs – we’re talking small variable costs vs. big fixed ones. That’s why so many businesses have hopped on the cloud train in record time. Whether you’re starting with internal apps or customer-facing services, using the cloud model can give you some serious traction – and fast. But let’s be real – it can be a pretty complicated journey.

Your IT team is worried about security and scalability while your business stakeholders are focused on growing market share and profits. Sometimes they don’t speak the same language. That’s where Genweb2 comes in. Our team can bridge the gap between your tech and business teams and make sure your journey to the cloud is smooth and cost-effective. So what do we do?

We develop, deploy, and manage cloud solutions. We also consult on cloud analytics solutions and handle scalability and security. We can even help migrate your old-school solutions to the cloud.

Customize Enterprise Application

We build custom enterprise applications in the area of ERP, CRM, and Supply Chain with unique customer needs.

Customize Enterprise Application

We pride ourselves on successfully delivering custom enterprise applications to customers all around the globe. From ERP systems to CRM solutions and Supply Chain management tools, we’ve catered to diverse customer needs across various industries.

Our team is experienced in creating bespoke applications that align perfectly with your business requirements. Let’s collaborate and take your enterprise to new heights with cutting-edge solutions!

Managed IT Services

A smooth-running IT system is essential for optimum productivity. We understand it can be challenging to maintain it on your own – this is where Genweb2 can assist you.

Managed IT Services

We know the importance of a smoothly running IT system for your business’s productivity. We understand that it can be a challenge to manage it all on your own. That’s where our expertise in managed IT services comes in.

We offer comprehensive support, including server management, proactive patching, and Microsoft 365 support. Let us take care of your IT needs so you can focus on what you do best – growing your business. Partner with us for reliable and efficient managed IT services that will keep your systems running smoothly.

Our Diverse Industry Experience

In our 11+ years of operations, we have gathered experience in multiple sectors of the industry including multinational companies, governments, public and private sectors, etc.

  • Clean Energy Technologies
  • Startup Growth
  • Logistics Management
  • Retail Business Market
  • Financial & Banking Services
  • Government Agencies

How can we help you with your Next Big Project?

  • Project Launch from Scratch
  • Existing Project Modernization
  • Enhance the in-house team with specific expertise
  • Idea validation through PoC / MVP development